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At the age of 4, Kimmee received her first drum set on Christmas morning from her father Vinnie.   It was then that  Kimmee found her passion for music...and later found another passion, baking, by folllowing in her father's footsteps.  

Vinnie opened a bakery, Vincent's Cookie Cupboard in Freehold NJ, when Kimmee was only 9 years old. That is where she spent her summers and snow days.  Asking Kimmee how she felt about that, “I didn’t mind at all...  I was an extremely chubby kid and loved sweets!  Not much has changed!”

Kimmee learned baking and pastry from her father who taught the art to Middlesex County culinary students before he opened his own bakery... Masi says, “He was amazing and brilliant at his craft.  I remember how proud I was to go with him on deliveries and see the clients' reactions to what he created. My father was a rockstar with an amazing personality!”

Kimmee spent many hours learning the craft by working in local bakeries, while at the same time playing in many different local original rock bands in NY and NJ.  Then in 1994, she had a serious car accident, breaking her neck in two places with multiple other injuries.  She was out of work for nearly two years and unable to play drums much longer than that... She kept close to the music scene and spent time composing more than 30 original songs, lyrics and music. “It was another chance at life... I better make this count,” says Kimmee.

Fast forward to 2009, after many years in the corporate world, it was time to manage her rock band and get things rolling to open a bakery. 

With the help of her business-savvy partner Lisa Lasky,  they put together a plan for a Rock n' Roll themed bakery, combining the two passions Kimmee has had since a child.  In August 2012, Confections of a Rockstar hit the scene and has been music to the palate ever since! 

Masi and Lasky knew there was no other place for their gourmet themed bakery than Asbury Park NJ... a destination for musicians and families, known for its original musical heritage, insanely creative artistry, amazing beaches and incredible restaurants. With an extremely talented and customer service minded staff, Confections of a Rockstar brings you epic desserts and baked goods. “New Jersey is the first store; we are still working on perfecting it so we can continue to expand and open a shop in every music city in the USA!

The bakery has become a popular sweet stop on Cookman Avenue for desserts after dinner at one of the amazing local restaurants or to take along on a road trip for holidays and more.  "We have a very diverse client base from all over" says Masi,  "They are like family.  We have so many clients who made their wedding proposal in our shop, celebrated their engagement and included us on their very special wedding day.   Now, we are doing their kids' birthday's pretty awesome!"

​Confections of a Rockstar offers extraordinary baked goods and cakes for any occasion. They use only the finest & freshest ingredients, handcraft all products from scratch, and, all of their products are baked fresh daily.  "We are open until we sell out." says Masi... her motto: "We take the time to do our research, we offer gluten free, nut free and vegan options... so, if I won't eat it, then I won't sell it!

How it began.....
                 Confections of a Rock$tar®... we are Sweets, Treats & Rock n' Roll™!